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Our Purpose
Our purpose is to REFLECT God's love to our Lord in worship, to SHARE God's love with our church family, and to TAKE God's love to the world around us.
Our Vision
Our vision is to MAGNIFY our Lord through dynamic and heartfelt worship and daily devotion and obedience, to MATURE in Christ through the help of God's Holy Spirit and diligent prayer and Bible study, to MOTIVATE one another to love and good works through uplifting fellowship and involvement of every member in faithful service, and to MINISTER to our world and community through helping to meet both physical and spiritual needs.
Our History
In the early 1930's there was one Church of Christ in the area, the Broad Street church in Phenix City, Alabama. With the size of Columbus it was felt there needed to be a church of Christ in the city. In 1930, Floyd Decker came to Columbus and held a protracted tent meeting for six weeks. During that time six people obeyed the Gospel and Christians that were in the area joined with these brethren to begin the Rose Hill church. A building on 32nd Street between 11th and 12th Avenue was rented and then a year later a building was purchased on Hamilton Road and 23rd St. A baptistery was added and a basement was dug by hand by the brethren for classrooms. From 1930 to 1936 different men came each Sunday to preach and in 1936 J.H. Hinds from Shelbyville, Tennessee came to be the first full-time worker.

In January 1941 a group left Rose Hill to begin a downtown congregation and became the Waverly Avenue church. Later they moved to Warm Springs Road and this congregation is still active in Columbus. In 1951 the congregation felt a need for another local work and purchased property on Norris Road. In 1953 a building was erected and a number of brethren from Rose Hill began a new work. This group eventually became what is now known as the Edgewood church. Members from Rose Hill, Norris Road and Phenix City began a work in South Columbus near what used to be the Traffic Circle on Victory Drive. They began meeting in 1958. This congregation is no longer in existence.

After meeting in the Rose Hill area of the city for almost 60 years the congregation decided to move to where the city was growing. They bought land in the north part of the city on Old Moon Road (then Moon Road) in 1976. A building was completed and the first service was held September 8, 1986. At that time Jerry Accetura was the local preacher. In November 1987 David & Carol Spiece moved with their young son from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to begin working with the Rose Hill church. David continued his ministry here until January 2011. In October 2011, Bob Williams moved here from Mobile, Alabama to become the new pulpit minister, and he served until October 2018.

In August 2001 Fred Liggin IV began working with the Rose Hill church as an associate minister/youth minister. During his stay he began a work at Columbus State University that is known as Cougars for Christ. After four years with the Rose Hill church he began working full-time in this ministry. In October 2006 Derik Roberts, a graduate of CSU with a Bachelors degree in Education/English, took over the work as the campus minister. Over the next six years this ministry experienced great growth and continued to be a great blessing to so many students. In August 2012 Will Borin, another graduate of CSU, replaced Derik as the next campus minister. Will continued leading C4C under the oversight of the Rose Hill eldership until July 2013.

Aaron & Jennifer Sparks came from Grand Rapids, Michigan and joined the Rose Hill family in September 2005 in the capacity of youth minister. When Aaron and his family moved to England in May of 2010, Jordan & Corridan Coss took over the work until September 2012. Andrew Thompson joined the staff in early 2013 and served until August 2016. Rose Hill is now blessed to have Scott Johnson as our youth minister. He and his wife Kara are the proud parents of a baby girl, Rylie Fay, born June 20, 2017.

During the years Rose Hill has been instrumental in starting churches in the area and has steadily grown in both number and strength. At present the congregation has around 240 members.

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